Children's Smiles EducationChildren’s Smiles believes that education can contribute to a raised self-confidence in a child. When we sponsor a child, one of the main focuses is to get him or her the necessary tools to be educated in the area they need it the most. We also have a huge focus on providing our sponsored children with the tools necessary to continue their education and advance their studies.

The image below is of Ariel. Ariel received this laptop from Children’s Smiles, after she went through a very traumatic series of events in early 2013. She no longer had access to any resources that could assist her in advancing in her studies and getting accepted to Berkley. After Ariel received this laptop, Children’s Smiles sponsored her and her sister Tiffany at annual Biking for Self Confidence event. This event is allowing Tiffany and Ariel to have a roof over their head and continue with their heads held high, on their path to higher education.

Ariel and Tiffany’s mother was killed by the mothers fiancé, within one-month their grandmother died of cancer, within one-week of that occurring their closet friend to the family took his own life. Children’s Smiles is honored to help Tiffany and Ariel stay focused.