Children’s Smiles believes that a beautiful smiles is one very strong way to increase self-confidence. 
Children’s Smiles partners with quality dentists, to ensure the children’s lives we touch are provided a beautiful smile. Our children are learning to incorporate smiling into their daily lives, and we want them to shine.
Dentist Highlight: Allegiance Dental
Dr. Tani and the Allegiance Dental staff are honored to have helped with the Children’s Smiles team. We love working with Children’s Smiles, it has given us the opportunity to help these children boost their self confidence by giving them a smile they are not afraid to show. These children have come from all different backgrounds, but they all have the same goal of improving themselves and their situation. Children’s Smiles have given these children optimism, hopefulness and gratitude and it is such a privilege to have helped and be a witness to these positive changes in their lives.
allegiance dental - childrens smiles sponsor