Children’s Smiles loves providing stuffed comfort to children in need.

When Children’s Smiles started, we started with a collection of stuffed animals. We quickly realized the impact a stuffed animal can make on a child. All year, Children’s Smiles collects NEW stuffed animals of any size. We donate the stuffed animals to children who have been through a traumatic event. These stuffed animals serve as comfort to these children. Many of our stuffed animals have been used to heal the broken emotions of homeless children, children in hospitals, or children who have been abused.

You can donate stuffed animals by:

- Making a collection at work. You can invite customers to your office by allowing your office to be a drop off location.

- Large companies are encouraged to adopt the collection and spread it across the United States. Children’s Smiles will work closely with you to ensure that you have drop off locations and team participation within your own communities.

- Use your imagination to determine the best fit for you to collect stuffed animals.

- Donate a stuffed animal by dropping it off to any drop off location or by mailing it to:

Children’s Smiles

PO Box 594

Laguna Beach, CA92652