Children’s Smiles is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working diligently in the lives of children whose self-confidence has been compromised by a traumatic or abusive situation. Our goal is to provide the essentials to foster self-confidence, love, comfort and education in these children.


Children’s Smiles presence and efforts spread throughout the United States.  We touch the hearts and smiles of more than 2,000 children per year. Children’s Smiles participates in a series of outreach programs from stuffed animal giveaways, inspirational celebrations for hospitalized children and their families, to finding mentors for troubled youth.  We aim to inspire and encourage children to discover their confidence and power, to create bright and successful futures.


Self-confidence means something different for everyone; it is personal.  In most cases it is an innate feature that grows and prospers through support and encouragement.  When a child goes through a traumatic event or is abused, his or her self-confidence weakens and can exponentially diminish without the necessary aid.  Children’s Smiles understands the intricate process of losing and regaining self-confidence, and ensures that the sponsored children receive resources necessary for him or her to become a well-rounded, loving, comforted and educated adult.


At Children’s Smiles we recognize that every child is unique and can have different needs when it comes to growing, rebuilding, and fortifying self-confidence. Children’s Smiles main mission is to restore a child’s self-confidence through facilitating positive and inspirational experiences of love, comfort, and education in ways that address his or hers individual uniqueness. 


Ciara is a 4 year old girl who loves to sing and dance. Typical of an imaginative kid, Ciara found herself unable to sleep, frightened by the idea that there were monsters under her bed. Doing what any child seeking a sense of security would do, Ciara woke her sleeping father for comfort. Enraged by this small act of innocence, her father began to severely beat his daughter and proceeded to throw her down a staircase. After the incident, Children’s Smiles was invited to change Ciara’s life by providing her the essentials she would need  to rebuild her self-confidence and help her overcome this traumatic experience.  Ciara has been approved for a Children’s Smiles grant for education, was assigned a professional inspirational mentor, and has receives new clothes and stuffed animals. Children’s Smiles has also set Ciara’s mother up with educational and counseling services, new housing arrangements, and a promise of up to $15,000 to finance various professional services that will help Ciara’s maintain her self-confidence over the next ten years. 


Children’s Smiles also partners with a variety of other child welfare organizations and visits homeless shelters, hospitals, and foster homes on a monthly basis. During the visits, we aim to provide an inspirational experience and bring donations of items such as new fashionable clothes, hygiene/toiletry kits, toys, and school supplies, any of which help increase self-confidence for kids that have experienced abuse, trauma, and displacement.  Below is one example (out of over 400) of an outreach event Children’s Smiles has done.


Children’s Smiles made a visit to Stand up For Kids, a homeless shelter in San Diego. We provided over 200 brand new outfits to the children ranging in age from 2 days – 19 years. Every child received at least 4 brand new outfits, backpacks, blankets, a warm dinner, an inspirational speech from a top CEO in San Diego, assistance in learning basic career skills, and for those ages 14 and above, resume assistance. 

For youth under the age of 14, we provided clothing and learning experiences.Toddlers and infants received complete gift sets including diaper bags, sleepwear, bottles, diapers, shoes, baby formula, and much more.

The youth ages 14 and over were invited to attend a mixed martial arts (MMA) show in San Diego where they were able to experience VIP treatment in a sport that showcases discipline, strength, and commitment. See images below of their before and after experience.  


Children’s Smiles involvement with the shelter helped increased the youth’s appearance and attitude which are contributing factors to building his or her self-confidence. In fact, we were proud to discover that a single event with Children’s Smiles helped two of the kids land new jobs!


Please see more from our visit to Stand up For Youth in the video included below.


We encourage YOU to think about your life journey and how self-confidence played a role in your success.  If you find yourself emotionally connected to our organization, we encourage you to get involved and email us at  YOU are invited to change a child’s life.  

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